Three new commissions imagined with girls’ football clubs in South East London will see the production of a work tailored to each team and their needs, and developed from conversations between the players and artists. The girls’ team players will actively shape the commissions’ outcomes as the catalyst, sounding board, co-producers and end-users. The discussions are framed around what aids their development and benefits their identification as footballers. The teams are actively participating in and shaping the commissions alongside the artists, producing a discursive and collaborative work, imparting knowledges and skills on one another.


Girls United’s teams do not currently have a kit. Workshopping ideal kit designs, Phoebe Davies and Rose Nordin are working with the girls to create a new identity for the team - one that represents its players and their goals.


Athenlay FC are collaborating with Jessie McLaughlin to explore gender stereotyping within football, and ‘queer’ the space and objects of the game through physical motion and music.

Dina Rončević is working with Dalmain Athletic GFC and is currently developing a set of workshops to find out what motivates the ‘Diamond’ (U13) and ‘Angel’ (U11) training groups. This will be combined with research to relate to what all the clubs stakeholders care for, to shape the direction that the girls want the commission to go in.