Three new commissions, imagined with girls’ football clubs in South East London, saw the production of a work tailored to each team and their needs - developed from conversations between the players and artists. The girls’ team players actively shaped the commission outcomes as the catalyst, sounding board, co-producers and end-users. The discussions were framed around what might aid the players' development and benefit their identification as footballers. The teams actively participated in and shaped the commissions alongside the artists, producing a discursive and collaborative work - imparting knowledges and skills on one another


Girls United’s teams did not have a kit. Workshopping the ideal strip, Phoebe Davies and Rose Nordin worked closely with the girls to create a new identity for the team - representing its players and their goals. The players created mood board boards, amidst discussions of aspirations, gender inequalities and femxle role models. Phoebe & Rose then developed a brand book, kit stencil + stickers from the mood boards. The brand book is a series of graphic designs to be used with the stencil to create GU’s final kit. Find out more about the commission here. + See Girls United's new kit here


Athenlay FC collaborated with Jessie McLaughlin. The group worked together, formulating a series of training sessions that deconstructed themes of gender, structural oppression/exclusion, community and joy. The video work ‘GOAL TOWN ROAD (remix plz)’ was also created from these sessions.⁠ Find out more about the commission and watch a clip of the film here

Dina Rončević is collaborated with Dalmain Athletic GFC. The group worked together after training sessions and during a workshop that considered female athletes’ bodies, exploring perceptions and social expectations surrounding the femxle body. These discussions informed a banner making session, creating imagery and slogans to reflect the girls’ strength and resulting in collaboratively designed signage for Dalmain’s pitch caging and future away games. Find out more about the commission here